Monday, January 23, 2012

Rockport, MA

When I was 10 years old, during World War II, my parents followed their fellow artists to Rockport, MA for the summer. My mother, with her two daughters, went on ahead to find a cot†age or rooming house for the season. Here is a letter that she wrote to my father, who was still in New York.

Clear View Cottage
Bearskin Neck
Rockport, Mass
Dear Jack,
We are all beside ourselves. We just moved in and we have the best cottage in all Rockport. Yesterday we met Joe Caplin and he and Virginia walked us over here (it’s across some water from them) They urged me to take it as cottages are going very fast., but I thought I ought to be careful and I looked all day yesterday –and came to the conclusion this is the best.
It is $200 for the season, but the woman I rented it from, who is an awful nice person said that she has had so many calls for August that we can sublet if we don’t want to stay.
I looked at such awful places for as high as $150…such bad appointments, stoves etc. that this place looks too perfect, almost.
Boarding houses seem to be out because of the rationing and meals are high, but you can get a good dinner for about 55 cents or less, but they can go as high as $1.75
If you feel like getting breakfast, Janet insists she make lunches, then we can eat out four times a week or so.
There are quite a few places for $150 back in the town, over the hill. But it might as well be Manasquan with a long walk to the water. Here we are surrounded by water.
This is how it is….x is our house.
There is a cookstove in the kitchen and an oil burning cook stove in the living room for heat and warmth on foggy days.
The bed in the living room will be ours-it opens out-one of those, but has strong mattresses on both sides.
I paid down $15. deposit and she will wait till you come for the rest. $185.
Bring all the towels you can. I will need sheets and pillow cases so if the laundry man doesn’t come, call him up or make him send them when they’re done. 5 0r 6 sheets and plenty of pillow cases…also the sharp kitchen knives and the iron.
I can see thousands of miles of ocean as I sit j
here and write.
The kids are beside themselves with joy/
I caught a stinking cold but bought Kleenex and vapo rub. I fortunetly brought the aspirin. I feel better today, but it is cold here. Better bring my heavy black coat with the shiny buttons instead of the spring coat., I picked…Please!
Come as quick as you can because it is lovely. We’re right in the heart of the fishing industry and it’s full of character.
I stayed in a room for two nights $3.50 per night. Some expense/
Love, Margo


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