Friday, January 26, 2018

Dick Bagley

Portrait of my friend Dick Bagley by Alice Neel.

Dick and Jeannie Bagley were my village friends for years. He was a film maker and Jeannie was a film editor.  When we went to Princeton to work for On Film we took a bunch of our friends with us so we had a built in gang for work and parties.  I worked in the art dept. with Rune and also was in some of the films.  Jeannie worked with Bill Buckley editing and Dick directed.  More about On Film later.

Dick was a very heavy drinker...White Horse crowd and The Riviera.  He was warned but could not stop so he died fairly young.  Jeannie quit editing and went back to accounting.  She visited me when I had the New Jersey house quite often.  More on Jeannie later also.

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